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“Why, Certainly!”

I remember my crotchety, old Aunt Fannie, whom I loved very much, but who was chronically and woefully negative more often than not. My brother, David, and I used to play a game where we would think of something Aunt Fannie would really want, then slowly offer it to her, waiting, and hearing the “No” she’d bark back before hearing the rest of the question. Oh, we’d say. No ice cream for you, huh, we’d giggle. Several times this week I’ve encountered those impossible No’s and it made me think about the doors we could open by switching to the ... Read More »

A Real Good and Joyful Thing

There I stood in my jeans and bright blue embroidered top, sporting my newly highlighted bob haircut. The woman at the counter swiveled the iPad towards me to sign for my breakfast charge at the well-loved Baguette Magic on James Island this morning. As I was tapping in a 15% tip for her, I noticed on the iPad my name, plus an appendage – the word “Older”.  Hmmm, I thought. “Jane Spelce Older” it said right there before my eyes. I began to realize what it meant. Swiveling the pad back towards her, I smiled and pointed, asking, What’s this? ... Read More »

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