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We Almost Lost Walton

We Almost Lost Walton

Walton has been my son David’s buddy since childhood.  They grew up together in Waco, Texas.  On August 6th, I received messages from the U.S. from my son, telling me that Walton had a seizure and was in a coma in a hospital in Midland, Texas where he had recently moved to join a law firm there.  We were losing Walton.  They didn’t think he would make it –  this handsome, brilliant young man with the best sense of humor, a dry sort of wit, and a spunky outlook on life.   The doctors said there were no signs of brain function and his organs were shutting down.  How could it be that Walton would no longer be alive, or if alive, would be in a vegetative state?  We wanted to understand what was going on but at the same time we couldn’t bear to know.

My son, David who lives in D.C., was devastated.  He was receiving messages from Lauren, Walton’s sister, updating him every few hours from the hospital.  So far away was his buddy, his friend, on the edge of death.  A  website was formed for updates and prayers at  And the word was spread as much as possible all over the state, to all parts of the country and even to other countries.  Our congregation here in San Bernardino, Paraguay  -la Iglesia Nuestra Señora de la Asunción put him on our prayer list and discussed him on every street corner.

Today, August 25th,  there is great news.  Walton is alive and thriving.  His brain is restored, his organs are healing and he is learning to walk with strength and stability.  He speaks with intelligence and has regained his great sense of humor.  He and the family are still in Midland at the hospital and hope to return to Waco soon for further rehabilitation.  Last night, David said that Walton had sent him a text message, saying he would go visit David as soon as he could.  Precious: friendship.  Obviously, Walton is working hard to improve and is now planning for his future of travel and being with friends.  Makes me want to dance all over the house!

Walton was given back to his family and friends and the world.  Through all this, we were each given a gift.  We saw a life slipping away, then lifted up by our prayers, friendship, strength and faith.  Life was restored and a story was told to everyone, speaking constantly to the heart a day-by-day story of brotherhood and the power of prayer and loving kindness shown towards one another.  Men and women were coming together and are continuing to do so to utilize their gifts of education and medicine and hospitality and love, with their hearts, minds and bodies, working to help shape and mold this miracle as it unfolds. Walton has been given back his life and in the meantime we have been pulled together as a body, bringing focus and honor to the importance of our moments together, the delicacy of life and the value of connection. I doubt if any of us will ever be the same.

Thank God for Walton’s life and for his continuous restoration. Thank God for the comfort and support given to Walton’s family.  And thank God for this story He placed in our hearts. In the process, our faith has been strengthened.


Prayer Request in English and Spanish – Posted on August 6th on Facebook

Una petición de oración en Inglés y Español:

Aquí están algunas fotos de un muy buen amigo nuestro, Walton Jones, que está en el hospital en Midland, Texas, EE.UU. Él y mi hijo, David, han sido amigos desde la infancia. Tuvo un ataque potencialmente mortal. Pedimos sus oraciones fervientes en estos momentos. Por favor, oren para que se recuperará por completo y, más concretamente, que su cerebro va a quedar totalmente restaurada.

Here are some photos of a very good friend of ours, Walton Jones, who is in the hospital in Midland, Texas, U.S. He and my son, David, have been buddies since childhood. He had a life-threatening seizure. We are asking for your fervent prayers right now. Please pray that he will recover completely and more specifically, that his brain will become fully restored.

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