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Finally, I have medical clearance from the Peace Corps.  This means I’m truly going!  Before receiving this great news, I had been tiptoeing around, announcing my acceptance quietly, silently planning my packing list, ordering supplies, all the time wondering if this is for real.  Now, I know it is.  I’m embracing that fact and walking with a confident stride into the Walmart to purchase my gear, plopping down each item in front of the cashier and announcing with a big voice, You know, I need all this stuff for Paraguay.  Going there with the Peace Corps.  Yep.

I’ve gotten to know Rosemary, my assigned Peace Corps nurse, fairly well through this process.  We’ve never met; all of our goings on have been through the internet,  but I’m envisioning curly red hair, pink lipstick, a white nurses outfit, big white tennies and a stethescope around the neck.

Rosemary has been reviewing my medical files and checking me over for suitability.    With each lab report or ECG tape or dental x-ray I’d upload for her reading pleasure, would come a message from her, asking for another test report.  After 7 immunizations and multiple trips to the dr. for lab work, to the dentist, the eye doctor, and to the special clinic for the yellow fever shot, I’ve made it.  I’m there!  The bonus to having had every test and every exam one can have, is hearing that I’m in excellent health and ready for action.

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