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Sweet Happenstance

Sweet Happenstance

September 20, 2014

While in Villarrica today for a meeting, I stopped by to say hello to some dear friends I haven’t seen since moving away from the area last January.  I had taken along my violin, thinking I’d go to Yataity to play tomorrow at the church where I used to play.   Lucky I had it with me, because it meant I could play a few pieces for this sweet couple. Turns out it’s their 56th wedding anniversary today!

Ña Rita and I went to the back of the store where Don Cervelon was napping. She wanted me to surprise him with the sound of the violin playing “Dios Esta Aqui.” (God is Here).   It was great — he smiled as he woke up to the music.

Rita Gimenez de Lopez and Cervelon Lopez are the owners of Comercial Ka’Avotory.  They are such a  beautiful example of abiding love. I’m glad we have gotten to know each other.

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