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Ahendu in October

Ahendu in October

1924351_651534044937659_3199054083982764089_n 10530678_10204481782584149_2725482259128990251_n 10525880_651534058270991_6352923296296973301_n 10538458_651545581603172_5814551238453636758_n 10441371_10204481781584124_8166228420484896574_nSeveral times a year Peace Corps volunteers hold a musical event called “Ahendu” at a club in Asunción.  Most of the music performed is rock, jazz, blues.  I thought it’d be fun to play the violin but wanted to make sure I played something in keeping with the mood of the night.  So, I picked out a piece called “Robot Roll” written by Joe McDermott of Austin, Texas.  It’s the coolest song and luckily, Joe made for me an accompaniment track with his musicians at his recording studio.  At Ahendu we had a great sound system and a DJ who knew his stuff.  At the moment I went onstage and hooked into their system, I knew it was going to be a blast!

At another Ahendu, I played Zombie Caprice, also by Joe, and Leonard Cohen’s slow and rich piece – Hallelujah.  The most fun ever was when we performed “All About that Bass” with back-up dancers!   I sang and played my own rendition of the crazy song and lots of girlfriends joined me onstage to dance their hearts out!

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