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Special Occasion with the Ambassador

Sorry that you might have to stand on your head to see this picture right.  I can’t fix it!   jejeje!image[In this photo, Ermis Justina Giménez, Maria Leonor Borja and I are with the United States Ambassador to the Republic of Paraguay, James H. Thessin, who was present at the Expo Feria in the Parque Temático Metropolitano Guasu.]

In mid- December I went to a “Reconnect” training conference in Guarambare, to get back with my teammates from other sites, compare notes, share information, and learn more methods for implementing various projects.   Afterwards, I headed straight for Asuncion, (three hours of bus rides!) to  be with my artisans who were participating in the Expo Feria in the Parque Temático Metropolitano Guasu.

We had a great time together as we worked at their booth.  It was another good opportunity to discuss what brings sales and what doesn’t.

Word was spreading throughout the artisan booths that the U.S. Ambassador was present, there with his wife and a few staff people.  I told my folks I’d head over to talk to him and they were so excited!  I spoke with Ambassador Thessin whom I knew from previous occasions and we chatted quite a while about Yataity.  I later ran into Marsha, his wife, and we, too, easily picked up from where we left off in previous times together.  She wants to help get some Ao poi on display at the Embassy so we are connecting to make plans for that!

It was an honor for our artesans to get to chat with Ambassador Thessin and he was very pleased to have the opportunity to meet Ermis and Maria and to admire our fabulous products!   He pulled me over to stand close for a picture and we encouraged the artisans to join us on each side.  They were a little timid but we gathered them together for a great photo shot.  I have a feeling it was an experience they’ll never forget!

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