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Reliving Last Night

photo-3I dance around this morning in my large studio-like room with slick black and white tiles, swinging to this dramatic music I love, covering every corner of this room as I step. Wearing my comfy black capri leggings, slouchy white blouse, and in my barefeet, I take wide, sometimes leaping steps on tiptoe, swaying to the music, arms raised high to the thatched ceiling, then swinging low to swirl around and once again up high. I sing along to the music, being ever so thankful for each daily experience here in Paraguay.

I’m listening to Il Divo’s “Hasta Mi Final,” with speakers turned up high. Last night, I played the violin as part of a trio for two weddings in a row at the church across the street. Handsome Alfredo, extraordinary singer and guitarist, had put together a fabulous set of pieces for us to perform, which included this dramatic piece. There was our lovely singer, Rossana, in her black flowing dress, her pretty shoulders, happy, inquisitive eyes, and a voice that’s so impressively rich, going from soft whispers to full-throttle power.

The church was filled for both weddings, each held one after the other. The bride, in long flowing white gown, flowers in her hair, long veil, walked down the aisle as I played the traditional wedding march with Alfredo accompanying on guitar. The groom stood in a handsome black suit, standing there to meet her, and they sat in front center of the altar, with parents on each side. As they stood to say their vows, they faced each other with hands held together, traditionally high at chest level, making a strong and firm statement of their union. Beautiful, emotional.  I’m at that moment so thankful for this experience.

I include a link to this romantic song, as it is sung by Il Divo. It’s a shame I didn’t make a recording of our performances last night, but this will give you an idea of the impact this song makes. I will have to say that I believe we did a beautiful job both times. Congregants wiped away tears throughout, as well as did we. Because of Alfredo’s well-loved lilting, expressive voice and guitar playing, along with Rosanna’s impactful, incredibly executed notes, and with my violin harmonies, we made a loving statement for the bride and groom to express to each other.

I will never forget last night. Thank you to our priest, Fr. Gregorio,  thank you to Rosanna for her gifted performance, and thank you to my dear friend, Alfredo, so gifted musically, who has made such a difference in my life, allowing me to perform regularly with him in church, by teaching me so much about Paraguay, and for providing always, a supportive and listening ear.

En Español:

“Hasta Mi Final”

Tu lugar es a mi lado

Hasta que lo quiera Dios

Hoy sabran cuanto te amo

Cuando por fin seamos dos

Y nunca estuve tan seguro

De amar así, sin condición

Mirándote mi amor te juro

Cuidar por siempre nuestra unión

Hoy te prometo

Amor eterno

Ser para siempre

Tuyo en el bien y en el mal

Hoy te demuestro

Cuanto te quiero

Amándote hasta mi final

Lo mejor que me ha pasado

Fue verte por primera vez

Y estar as de mano en mano

Es lo que amor siempre soñé


In English, Loosely translated:

“Until the Day I Die”

Your place is by my side

as long as God wants it to be so.

Today they’ll know how much I love you

and through to the end   we’ll be together.

And I’ve never been so sure,

To love in this way, unconditionally,

Looking at you, I commit that

I’ll take care of our union

Today I promise to you

Love eternal

to   be always yours

in the good and in the bad.

Today I demonstrate

how much I love you,

loving you until the end.

The best that ever happened to me

was when i saw you for the first time

and to be like this, hand in hand

is love I always dreamed of.

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